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Dhaka Derior Interior Design With Terecota
Dhaka Decor For Excellence In Interior Design. We pride ourselves With Satisfaction Guaranteed.

From the great terracotta Vishnu statues to paintings of Zainul Abdedin , Bangladesh has a mixed culture and the heritage is amply reflected in art, literature, dance, drama, music and paintings.

Bangladeshi culture is influenced by three religions- Hinduism, Buddhism and Islam. Like a colorful montage, the cultural tradition of the country is a melting pot of many variants, unique in diversity but in essence, greatly symmetrical showing remarkable workmanship of artisans.

Bangladesh has a rich heritage of art which will complement any style, and create a flair for the original quintessence. The art world in Bangladesh received an impetus when the government of Bangladesh organized the First Asian Art Biennial in 1981 where artists exhibit contemporary paintings, sculptures and graphic art.

Dhaka Decor offers a comprehensive package for all your interior design needs. What sets us apart is the fact that we employ a team of talented, artists along with the architects, engineers, and professional planners who work closely with you to custom create a reflection of the tastes and attitudes you want to portray.

Art is a way to express individual personality throughout your home. When you have an empty wall, you want to fill it with color, texture, and various materials including paint, sculpture, metal, and woodwork, which add life to the emptiness which originally abounds.

Interior Decorating Style

The use of natural elements like wood and bamboo as well as traditional terracotta or mural paintings can provide exceptional outlooks.

Modern conceptual paintings and family portraiture could be present on your wall with spectacular combination.

Simple contemporary furniture placement covered in cotton or other natural fabrics (solid colors with homey throw pillows are popular, as is plaid fabric)

Original antiqued pieces we collect from different area of Bangladesh which elements will reflect old, royal, traditional glimpse at your home.

Large pieces of furniture made of wood - usually a kind of wood that imported from different country of the world.

We usually made completely new showpiece or craft items by skilled craftsman rather than buying readymade items.

Sophisticated Infrastructure
We, Dhaka Decor are equipped with latest designing software like 3D and AutoCAD. These software's are operated and managed by a team of dedicated personnel, who are now into the core of interior decorating field for a long time and well-versed with these designing software's. Our qualified and experienced professionals have bee serving for more than a decade, addressing to the requirements of clients, architects and interior designers efficiently. Apart from these facilities, we, also have QC, R&D, designing team HR and project delivery department. These sections honestly and efficiently performing their duties for smooth functioning of company.

Quality Assurance
For delivering superior interior designing, it is very essential to use reliable and durable products. For this, we have made tie-ups with major manufacturers of India for ensuring the best quality of products at the most competitive prices. Our company also performs quality testing of material procured from leading company that ensures that no inferior products are used in our projects. The company has trusted and reliable supervisors, who keep an eye not only on the products but also on the finishing quality of the projects.

Project Deadlines
At Dhaka Decor, project delivery managers give priority to the timely completion of the projects, which ensures rejoicing clients, without any disappointment. We are highly proud and delighted to execute various fast track projects, especially in the recent times. At Dhaka Decor, turnkey project is undertaken and completed by us within assigned time.

Cost effective Price
In project management, cost plays a prominent role. We have a very competitive team, which continuously keeps track of the new product launch, better alternatives available in the market and also enlightens us about the competitive deals, which reduces our cost and hence our clients.

Customer Satisfaction
We ensure that our client is regularly informed us about the project progress, which in turn helps us in offering a better product quality with timely completion at a competitive cost. At the end of the day, with all these objectives, we hope to see our client making way to his cozy, beautiful and memorable home with sparkling eyes.


Every time we call a meeting before start a project with customer and our employee which help us to aim our conceptual design mission. We talk together from different perspective with different creative people such as interior designer think about space, fine artist create art works and our architect help us to make the design more functional and effective.

Our Mission

We wanted to change todays very usual concept of interior designing, new idea, creativity, simplicity and customer satisfaction such stuff are highly involved with our creative mission. Fine art is the mother of all arts so our professional, skilled artists can provide aesthetic sense you make success of your own dream. Anyone can recognize that our work is completely innovative then others.

Selection & Installation

Space is the vital element when it comes to home or office interior designing and interior decorating. Today people are very much conscious about home and office interior space planning and designing it accordingly
Keeping many things in mind, be it for health benefits or beauty, everybody desires to have spacious atmosphere in home and office. People have started considering changes in shape of the space to make the surrounding areas more impressive and appealing from both within and out. People either straight away start from buying a proper space for building there dream home or office, or buy spacious accommodations or try some modifications in their existing dwellings. We provide solutions for all types of requirements, whether you are looking for a new plot or modifications in the existing structure.

We convert ordinary spaces into extraordinary environments, for commercial, corporate, medical and retail operations.